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We're a vision-driven company - and that's non-negotiable.

When we approached the first members of the StashUp team, our goals was to ensure that anyone on board would rally around our vision: to demystify financial planning for everyone. It was critical that, before a single line of code was written, we had a mutual understanding that our work would be rooted in making the ethically and morally responsible choices necessary to help people, particularly those who have historically been excluded from financial systems, build wealth and progress toward prosperity.

If someone we spoke with someone who did not feel they could put that vision above all else, that was a deal breaker. Game over. No follow-up interview.

The idea behind StashUp was born out of a realization by our CEO that something had to be done about the increasing wealth gap. The question on their mind was "what can we do to educate and empower people, no matter their income or expertise, to make financial decisions that will help them build wealth and secure their futures?"

The need to address this problem was made all the more clear in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people, especially those in BIPOC communities, found their savings wiped out and their financial futures put in jeopardy by a situation entirely outside of their control.

When we first started having conversations with the talented people that make up StashUp, we found that these concerns, and a dedication to this mission, were top of mind for each and every one of them. It did not matter if they were a software engineer, a data security expert, a marketer, or a lawyer, they all saw, recognized, and wanted to help address this massive systemic issue.

Today, there are fifteen of us, across a range of skills and backgrounds, united behind this vision. We are dedicating our time to this project because we believe in it, we believe in our founder, and we believe that StashUp will make a measurable improvement in the world. It is our hope that, with our app, we can help communities across the world build wealth, educate themselves, and secure better futures for themselves and their communities.

We are working diligently to realize this vision every day and, hopefully soon, you too will have StashUp in your pocket to help you build the future you deserve.

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