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A first peek at what StashUp may look like

Our user experience team has been hard at work during the past month hammering out how our brand gets translated from a vision into reality. Now, there are a lot of steps to achieve a functioning app, including partnerships between our back-end and front-end developers and our user experience team, but we wanted to create some initial screens to illustrate what we hope the final end-user experience could feel like when we finally put our product in your pocket.

There were a few guiding principles for us when it came to designing these screens. First and foremost, we wanted to bring diversity to the forefront. StashUp is intended to empower everyone, but particularly people who have been traditionally excluded from financial systems and technologies, including BIPOC, rural, and older people. We want our customers to see themselves represented from the second they open the app to their first experience “stashing” their saved funds at the end of the month.

We also wanted a warm and welcoming aesthetic to reflect our belief that effective financial planning should be accessible to all. This meant using a softer color palette, friendlier typography, and a simple user interface that makes tracking spend and budgeting easy. We are delighted that our design approach reflects our values and further distinguishes us from other financial apps.

Finally, we wanted to put strong images of people first. People are at the center of our vision, and we wanted to incorporate big, bold images throughout the StashUp experience.

It’s important to note that there is significant work being done behind the scenes to develop the features and functionality we want to offer first. These screens are not indicative of the final aesthetic or functionality of our app.

That said, we hope you enjoy these first mockups of the StashUp user experience!

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