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We're here to demystify financial planning for everyone.

StashUp Is in the works. Stay in touch, keep up-to-date, and sign up for the beta when it's ready.

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Our Vision

For as long as they have been around, financial services have been a walled garden, providing abundance to some and denying it to others. Complex rules, unequal opportunity, and deliberate policy decisions have kept financial success out of the hands of many.


That ends with us. StashUp is an app that provides a personal financial assistant in your pocket, helping you budget, plan, and save for your future.


Come with us, we're going to make financial prosperity possible for everyone.


The statements contained in this video presentation contain certain forward-looking statements based on the beliefs of StashUp’s management as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to the management team.

How it Works

Link Your Accounts

Attach your accounts, whether they are debit/savings accounts at your favorite bank, credit cards, or mobile wallets.

Create Your Budgets

Pick your most-used vendors, set your limits, and let StashUp create a monthly budget that will stick.

Track, Approve, and Spend

Receive notifications when you

are about to spend at a flagged vendor, and approve or deny spend at the touch of a button.

"StashUp" Your Savings

At the end of the month, StashUp your saved funds into a savings account, retirement vehicle, and more.

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What StashUp may look like
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